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Chorionic tryptophan-degrading activity.

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posted on 20.02.2013, 17:00 by Astrid Blaschitz, Martin Gauster, Dietmar Fuchs, Ingrid Lang, Petra Maschke, Daniela Ulrich, Eva Karpf, Osamu Takikawa, Michael G. Schimek, Gottfried Dohr, Peter Sedlmayr

Concentration of tryptophan (A, D), kynurenine (B, E) and the kyn/trp ratio (C, F) in placenta villous tissues (A, B, C) at first trimester (grey bars) and at term (black bars; indicated are the means+SD. For all three comparisons p<0.001) and in blood samples (D, E, F) from chorionic plate vessels of term placenta (CP, white bars), from umbilical cord blood (UC, light grey bars) and from peripheral blood of healthy blood donors (PB, dark grey bars). D–F: Indicated are the medians and the ranges. Assuming a significance level of 0.01, the test results for all three parameters are significant. The difference between the groups CP and PB is significant for all three parameters at p<0.001.