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ChoP expression increases outer membrane integrity.

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posted on 2013-02-20, 08:18 authored by Sarah E. Clark, Julian Snow, Jianjun Li, Tracey A. Zola, Jeffrey N. Weiser

Percent survival following incubation in EDTA was determined for ChoP+ (black solid), ChoP− (grey solid), and ChoP−,Galα1-4Gal+ (grey dashed) phase variants of NTHi strain H233 (A). Percent survival in EDTA for Rd constitutive ChoP+ strain H491 grown in CDM alone (grey solid), or supplemented with choline (black solid) or with dimethylethanolamine (grey dashed) (B). Percent survival in EDTA for Rd lic1D exchange mutants, Rd lic1D (H1) (C) and Eagan lic1D (H3) (D). Flow cytometric analysis of the MFI of NHS IgG binding in the presence of 0–50 mM Mg2+ for ChoP+ (black bars) and ChoP− (grey bars) phase variants of NTHi strain H233 (E). Values are representative of three independent experiments performed in duplicate ± SD (A–D), or are derived from three independent experiments ± SD *p<.05, **p<.01 (E).


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