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Characterization of pexophagy-deficient mutants in M. oryzae.

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posted on 2013-11-01, 02:49 authored by Yizhen Deng, Ziwei Qu, Naweed I. Naqvi

(A) GFP-SRL mis-localizes to the cytoplasm in the pex14Δ mutant. Scale bar equals 10 micron. (B) Pexophagy is normal (restored) in M. oryzae atg26Δ, PEX141-258, and snx41Δ (ScSNX42) strains (in GFP-SRL background). Vacuolar staining with Lysotracker Red DND99 was performed 5 min before confocal microscopy. Arrowheads denote vacuolar GFP-SRL. Conidia of PEX1461-361 and snx41Δ with ScSNX41 (all in GFP-SRL background) co-stained with Lysotracker Red DND99 were analyzed by confocal microscopy. Arrows denote vacuolar compartments without GFP-SRL, indicative of a block in pexophagy. Bar = 10 μm.


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