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Characterization of oligomeric Aβ42 preparation.

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posted on 2014-06-18, 14:51 authored by Yali Li, Deshu Cheng, Ran Cheng, Xinyu Zhu, Tao Wan, Jianmiao Liu, Rongying Zhang

(A) Transmission electron micrograph (magnified×32,000) of 100 µM oAβ42. 10 µL of samples were spotted on a glow-discharged, carbon-coated Formavar grid and incubated for 2 min, washed with distilled water, stained with a 1% (w/v) aqueous uranyl acetate solution, and examined using an H-8100 TEM. Scale bar is 100 nm. (B) ThT fluorescence assay of aggregates of Aβ42. a.u., arbitrary unit.