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Characterization of adipose tissue derived stem cells (ADSCs) isolated from M-hAAT transgenic mice.

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posted on 15.09.2015, 03:18 by Mong-Jen Chen, Yuanqing Lu, Nicholas E. Simpson, Mark J. Beveridge, Ahmed S. Elshikha, Mohammad Ahsanul Akbar, Hsin-Yin Tsai, Stephanie Hinske, Junling Qin, Christian R. Grunwitz, Tina Chen, Mark L. Brantly, Sihong Song

(A) Representative pictures of FACS analysis showing isolated mouse ADSC expressed mesenchymal stem cell markers CD90 and CD105, but not hematopoietic lineage markers, such as CD45, or endothelial cell markers, such as CD31; (B) Detection of human AAT protein in cell culture medium by ELISA; (C) Detection of mouse albumin in cell culture medium by ELISA. Mouse albumin was used as a positive control (PC) and cell culture medium from RAW264.7 was used as a negative control.