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Characteristics of cultured hHSC: hHSC express GFAP plus ASMA and basal proliferative activity of hHSC is maximal at after 15 days in culture and reduces thereafter.

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posted on 03.09.2013, 02:16 by Barbara Sigala, Chad McKee, Junpei Soeda, Valerio Pazienza, Maelle Morgan, Ching-I Lin, Clare Selden, Sara Vander Borght, Gianluigi Mazzoccoli, Tania Roskams, Manlio Vinciguerra, Jude A. Oben

a) Freshly isolated cells hHSC in culture were confirmed as HSC by auto-fluorescence, and expression of ASMA and GFAP verified at day 4, by immunocytochemistry. b) Basal proliferative activity of hHSC was maximal at day 15 (non-passaged, not fully activated), compared to day 7 (non-passaged, not fully-activated) or day 30 (passaged, fully-activated) with basal proliferative activity less at day 30 compared to day 15. *p<0.05, **p<0.0001, n = 5, compared to control response.