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Characterisation of 4BP-TQS on α7 nAChRs examined by patch-clamp recording of rat primary hippocampal cells.

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posted on 2013-02-19, 16:22 authored by JasKiran K. Gill, Anna Chatzidaki, Daniel Ursu, Emanuele Sher, Neil S. Millar

A) Representative recordings showing responses to the application of compound B (30 µM; Left; black bar) and of 4BP-TQS (30 µM; Right; grey bar). B) Prolonged exposure of α7 nAChRs to compound B (1 µM; black bar) results in receptor activation, followed by rapid desensitisation. In continued presence of compound B (1 µM; black bar), co-application of either TQS (1 µM; Left; grey bar) or 4BP-TQS (30 µM; Right; black bar) resulted in reactivation of desensitised receptors. C) Responses to 4BP-TQS (30 µM; Left; black bar) are blocked by MLA (10 nM; grey bar) when MLA was pre-applied for 15 s and then co-applied with 4BP-TQS (30 µM; black bar).