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Changes in time at RT of hepcidin-25, 24, 22, and 20 and their sum (total hepcidin) in a representative heparin sample of an IC patient to illustrate that decrease in hepcidin-25 levels is accompanied by an increase in hepcidin-24, -22, and -20 levels.

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posted on 2013-10-04, 01:55 authored by Coby M. M. Laarakkers, Erwin T. Wiegerinck, Siem Klaver, Maria Kolodziejczyk, Hendrik Gille, Andreas M. Hohlbaum, Harold Tjalsma, Dorine W. Swinkels

Similar observations for an extended set of samples are shown in Figure S1. Note that the total amount of hepcidin decreases despite the increase in hepcidin isoform levels.