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Changes in protein expression and activation of heat shock proteins associated with HSP90 inhibition.

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posted on 04.12.2014, 03:02 by Zachary B. Smithline, Anna S. Nikonova, Harvey H. Hensley, Kathy Q. Cai, Brian L. Egleston, David A. Proia, Tamina Seeger-Nukpezah, Erica A. Golemis

(A) Quantification of HSP90α and HSP70 expression levels among the Pkd1–/– groups. n = 6–8 mice. * indicates comparisons to Pkd1–/–, vehicle-treated mice: **, P≤0.01; ***, P≤0.001. (B–E) Negative correlations between HSP70, HSP90α expression in the drug treatment groups and (B, D) cyst volume/region of interest (ROI) (P = 0.0046 for HSP70 and P = 0.0136 for HSP90) and (C, E) liver weight/body weight (lw/bw) ratios (P = 0.0141 for HSP70 P = 0.0138 for HSP90). Dots represent individual mice; lines represent linear regression functions. n = 6–8 mice.