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Changes in cytokine profiles of CD4/10.4 and CD8/10.4 T cells during a chronic infection.

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posted on 21.02.2013, 05:39 by Truc Thi Kim Thanh Hoang, Anneline Nansen, Sugata Roy, Rolf Billeskov, Claus Aagaard, Tara Elvang, Jes Dietrich, Peter Andersen

Cells from infected lungs were stimulated with TB10.4 3–11 or TB10.4 74–88 prior to staining with anti-CD4, -CD8, -IFN-γ, -TNF-α and –IL-2. (A) Cytokine profiles of CD4/10.4 was determined by first dividing the CD4 T cells into IFN-γ positive (+) or IFN-γ negative (−) cells. Both the IFN-γ+ and IFN-γ- cells were analyzed with respect to the production of TNF-α and IL-2. The numbers in the quadrant gates of the plots denominates each distinct population based on their cytokine production and is color coded as shown. To illustrate the gating sequence two examples from a late infection stage are shown. (B and C). The pie-charts illustrate the relative contribution of the different cytokine T cell populations to the total CD4/10.4 population and data is depicted for both an early and a late time point, for 3 mice at each time point. Background (>0.5%) has been deducted. (D) The proportion of IFN-γ+ TNF-α+ IL-2+ within the CD4/10.4 or CD8/10.4 T cells populations in the early stage compared to the late stage of infection.