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Changes in C. velia C, N, C∶N and carotenoids during a sinusoidal light∶dark cycle.

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posted on 19.02.2013, 21:53 authored by Antonietta Quigg, Eva Kotabová, Jana Jarešová, Radek Kaňa, Jiří Šetlík, Barbora Šedivá, Ondřej Komárek, Ondřej Prášil

Changes in C (pg C cell−1, panel A), the ratio of C∶N (mol∶mol, panel B), N quotas(pg N cell−1, panel C) and the major carotenoids relative to chl a (presented as ratio per chl a, panel D) are shown. Error bars are calculated as standard deviations of n≥3 replicated. Average values (plus error bars) measured for LL (▪) and HL (□) grown C. velia are included for comparison. The dashed line shows the light intensity during the light part of the cycle, with a midday peak of 500 µmol photons m−2 s−1.