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ChIP experiments were performed by exposing D407 cells to (i) normoxia/Nor, (ii) hypoxia/Hyp, or (iii) hypoxia treated with 20 µM honokiol/Hyp+Hon for 16 h.

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posted on 25.11.2014, 03:01 by Divya Teja Vavilala, V. K. Chaithanya Ponnaluri, Debolina Kanjilal, Mridul Mukherji

The soluble chromatin was immunoprecipitated using no antibody, non-immune IgG antibody and HIF-1α antibody. Immunoprecipitated DNA was analyzed by qPCR using human VEGF promoter specific primers. Enriched DNA is represented as percentage of the input. Each error bar represents the standard deviation calculated from six experimental replicates.