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Cerezyme treatment reduces membrane integrity of Cn.

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posted on 21.01.2011, 01:31 by Ryan Rhome, Arpita Singh, Talar Kechichian, Monica Drago, Giulia Morace, Chiara Luberto, Maurizio Del Poeta

Membrane integrity is indirectly measured using a dye, SYTOX, that fluoresces upon entering a cell, but is excluded from functional membranes. This is measured in arbitrary units of fluorescence (with background subtracted). The strains tested here were WT Cn and Δcap59 (A) and Δgcs1 (B). WT and Δcap59 strains show increasing fluorescence when treated with Cerezyme (0, 200 mU/ml, or 400 mU/ml), but Δgcs1 remains unaffected by treatment. Δgcs1 also shows a much higher signal than other strains. *, P<0.05 by Student t test, WT 200 mU/ml or 400 mU/ml versus untreated; #, P<0.05 by Student t test, acapsular 200 mU/ml or 400 mU/ml versus untreated.