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Cellular heterogeneity of the CR4 tumor cells.

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posted on 12.06.2014, 03:30 by Rebecca A. Rowehl, Stephanie Burke, Agnieszka B. Bialkowska, Donald W. Pettet III, Leahana Rowehl, Ellen Li, Eric Antoniou, Yuanhao Zhang, Roberto Bergamaschi, Kenneth R. Shroyer, Iwao Ojima, Galina I. Botchkina

(A) Initially dominating population of the densely packed elongated fibroblast-like cells. (B) Sparser elongated tumor cells with processes. (C) Appearance of small clusters of very small cells (∼7 µm) adjacent to fibroblast-like cells. (D) Typical holoclone induced by small CR4 cells. (E) Giant multinucleated cell within CR4 holoclone of small cells. (F) Colony of multinucleated cells.