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Cell retraction caused by 1Hz, but not 0.01Hz, cyclic equibiaxial stretch.

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posted on 30.08.2010, 00:52 by Hui-Ju Hsu, Chin-Fu Lee, Andrea Locke, Susan Q. Vanderzyl, Roland Kaunas

Representative images are shown of U2OS cells expressing GFP-actin imaged immediately before (A, C) and 5 min after applying 10% equibiaxial stretch at 1Hz (B) or 0.01 Hz (D). The outlines of the cells prior to stretching (red) are shown for reference. Bar = 20 µm. E: The ratio of cell areas (after/before stretch) for the indicated durations of stretch at 1Hz and 0.01Hz are summarized (mean±S.D.; n = 6). * indicates significant difference from unity (P<0.01).