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Celecoxib regulates DAF-16 target gene expression.

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posted on 2014-06-19, 15:06 authored by Shanqing Zheng, Sentai Liao, Yuxiao Zou, Zhi Qu, Fan Liu

scl-20, K09F6.6, ins-7, and sod-3 expression profiles in daf-2 (e1370) III mutants compared to N2 worms (A). ins-7 was significantly upregulated in N2 worms treated with 10 µM celecoxib (B). Celecoxib was previously reported to regulate DAF-16 target genes by decreasing IIS signal transduction activity. ins-7 was reported to be a target gene of DAF-16 and downregulated when IIS signal activity was decreased. These results indicated ins-7 was uncharacteristically upregulated in celecoxib-treated N2 worms. The results of at least three independent experiments are presented. Data are averages of real-time PCR results ± Standard Deviation (SD). Error bars represent SD. P values were calculated by using a T-test, ***P<0.001. Also see Table S2.