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Carnivore phylogeny, demonstration of size-change indices, and relative endocranial volumes by family.

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posted on 13.06.2012, 01:19 by Eli M. Swanson, Kay E. Holekamp, Barbara L. Lundrigan, Bradley M. Arsznov, Sharleen T. Sakai

a) Carnivore phylogeny with Pagel’s arbitrary branch lengths. Filled circles represent the hypothetical ancestors or nodes at which the ancestral traits were estimated. Heavy lines link each extant species to the ancestral node that was subtracted from the value for the extant species to obtain size change indices (SCIs). b) Demonstration of how SCIs were calculated. Most recent estimated ancestral size values (ASV) were subtracted from the associated value for extant species size (ESV), and the difference is equal to the SCI. c) Box-and-whisker plot displaying degree of variation in relative brain size within each family. Relative MCOEV is indicated by a white box and relative SCOEV by a grey box. Boxes indicate interquartile range, and whiskers spread to the furthest points outside the interquartile range, but within 1.5 times the interquartile range from the median.


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