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Calcium dynamics after laser microsurgery.

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posted on 23.01.2012 by Mostafa Ghannad-Rezaie, Xing Wang, Bibhudatta Mishra, Catherine Collins, Nikos Chronis

(A) Time-lapse images from immobilized larvae depict intracellular calcium dynamics during laser microsurgery of a sensory neuron dendrite, using a pulsed UV laser (see also Movies S1 and S2). The ppk-Gal4 driver was used to express UAS-G-CaMP3.0 or UAS-mCD8-GFP. (B) Average normalized fluorescent intensity (ΔF/F0) was calculated in the cell bodies for G-CaMP3.0 and mCD8-GFP (sample size, n = 12) before and after injury (injury is performed at 0 sec). A peak value in the intensity of G-CaMP is observed 2 seconds after injury. Calcium transients from individual larvae are depicted in light grey color. (C) Quantification of the maximum fluorescent intensity change (maximum ΔF/F0). The fluorescent intensity from mCD8-GFP expressing neurons did not change significantly (p-value<0.01, n = 12).