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Caffeine elicits the increases of intracellular Ca2+ fluorescence intensity in cerebral VSMCs isolated from CON-28 d, SUS-28 d, and SUS+Rec-3 d rats.

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posted on 20.02.2013, 18:21 by Jun-Hui Xue, Lian-Hong Chen, Hua-Zhou Zhao, Yong-Dong Pu, Han-Zhong Feng, Yu-Guang Ma, Jin Ma, Yao-Ming Chang, Zuo-Ming Zhang, Man-Jiang Xie

(A) Representative dot graph of Fluo-3/AM fluorescence recorded showed the typical transient increases of intracellular Ca2+ fluorescence intensity evoked by 10 mM caffeine. Caffeine was present at times shown by the horizontal bar. (B) Summarized data indicated the average changes of the intracellular Ca2+ fluorescence intensity before and during the application of caffeine. Values are means ± SE with the number of cells recorded in parentheses. CON-28 d: 28-day simultaneous control rats, SUS-28 d: 28-day tail-suspended rats, SUS+Rec-3 d: tail-suspended rats submitted to a recovery period of 3 days at the end of 28-day suspension. *P<0.05 as compared with their controls by t-test, respectively.