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CXCR7 protein expression in the human brain.

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posted on 31.05.2011, 00:09 by Saori Shimizu, Michael Brown, Rajarshi Sengupta, Mark E. Penfold, Olimpia Meucci

Staining with 11G8 or ab72100 was performed on different human tissues, using either a tissue array containing samples from multiple normal organs or additional brain sections as described in the methods. Images from the multi-organ array are shown in the top panels (A to C; scale bars: 200 µm). Neuronal CXCR7 expression was observed in the gray matter (A) while no staining is observed in normal breast tissue (B), as expected. CXCR7 was also expressed in the kidney (C). Additionally, serial sections from human frontal cortex were stained with: (D) rabbit polyclonal antibody ab72100, (E) 11G8, or (F) H&E (details in methods). Similar neuronal staining was observed with both CXCR7 antibodies. No staining was detected when the primary antibody was omitted (G) or replaced by the isotype control (H). Images in insets are higher magnification of D, E, and F. Scale bars: 400 µm (D–H), 50 µm for insets. NC = negative control.


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