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CR reduced Panc02 tumor volume and inflammatory profile.

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posted on 07.05.2014, 03:38 by Alison E. Harvey, Laura M. Lashinger, Drew Hays, Lauren M. Harrison, Kimberly Lewis, Susan M. Fischer, Stephen D. Hursting

CR decreased A, tumor growth and B, median tumor weight compared to CON mice (n = 15/group). Data shown are mean ± SD with the exception of the line in scatter plot representing the median tumor weight. C, CR reduced mRNA expression within the tumor microenvironment compared to CON mice (CON, n = 6; CR, n = 5). Data represent CR gene expression relative to CON. D, Mean fasting serum levels of MCP-1 (n = 8/group, randomly selected). E, Representative micrographs of p-p65-staining tumor sections (40X). F, Quantification of staining. Bar graph represents total percentage of p-p65-positive cells, with further illustration of intracellular localization (nuclear, black; cytoplasmic, white) (CON, n = 10 and CR, n = 7). Data shown represent mean ± SE. * denotes significant differences between CR and CON. CR, calorie restriction; CON, control diet; MCP-1, monocyte chemoattractant factor-1; p-p65, phosphorylated p65.