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CRISPR systems of Hqr. walsbyi strains C23T and HBSQ001.

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posted on 2011-06-20, 01:17 authored by Mike L. Dyall-Smith, Friedhelm Pfeiffer, Kathrin Klee, Peter Palm, Karin Gross, Stephan C. Schuster, Markus Rampp, Dieter Oesterhelt

Three CRISPR loci are present in C23T, associated with two separate groups of Cas genes (coloured yellow and pink). No Cas genes, and only one, residual CRISPR with 5 spacers, are found in HBSQ001. The DR (direct repeat) sequences are shown beneath the CRISPRs. Shading between the leader sequence of CRISPR-2 of C23T and CRISPR-1 of HBSQ001 indicate that they are nearly identical in sequence. The relative position and orientation of ORF HB2151A is shown along with an arrow indicating where it matches (exactly) a spacer sequence in CRISPR-3 of C23T. Similarly, the spacer sequences in HBSQ001 that are closely similar to sequences in C23T are indicated by arrows, labeled spacer-related sequences, which point to their matching locations in the C23T genome. Nucleotide positions are given beneath the CRISPRs and details of the matching spacer sequences are given in Table S7.


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