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CONSORT subject flow diagram.

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posted on 2015-03-25, 04:02 authored by Kristina Svennerholm, Michael Haney, Björn Biber, Erik Ulfhammer, Ott Saluveer, Pia Larsson, Elmir Omerovic, Sverker Jern, Niklas Bergh

Subjects were placed initially in one of two groups, where one group was treated for 4 weeks with VPA before being measured, and the other group was measured directly as Controls. After the first measurement, the VPA treated group rested for 4 weeks with a washout period before being measured again Control. The subjects that first were Controls, were measured again after 4 weeks of VPA treatment. The subjects first treated with VPA were measured and then observed a 4 week washout and rest period before they were studied again as Controls. All subjects measured with VPA were combined for grouped analysis (same for Control measurements).