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CHimi and TMC/siRNA nanoparticle complexation capacity.

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posted on 2014-06-12, 03:15 authored by Ana Sadio, Jenny K. Gustafsson, Bruno Pereira, Carla Pereira Gomes, Gunnar C. Hansson, Leonor David, Ana Paula Pêgo, Raquel Almeida

(A) Nanoparticle complexation capacity determined by detecting free siRNA migration in an agarose gel electrophoresis. Free siRNA was used as positive control. Nanoparticles with different N/P ratios were tested. (B) SYBRGold exclusion assay. The complexation capacity of the prepared nanoparticles was analysed at different N/P rations and at two different pHs (n = 3; average ± SD). * p<0.01.