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CDOM from all float profiles overlaid with the major Gulf of Mexico water masses below 200 m.

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posted on 2014-07-03, 03:03 authored by Rebecca E. Green, Amy S. Bower, Alexis Lugo-Fernández

The primary deep water masses include: 18°C Sargasso Sea water (200–400 m), Tropical Atlantic Central water (TACW, 400–700 m), Antarctic Intermediate Water (AAIW, 700–1,000 m), and Upper North Atlantic Deepwater (UNADW, ∼1,000 m and greater) [19]. Mean CDOM values for all profiles is indicated (solid black line). Note that all CDOM >3.5 ppb were removed from this figure and associated mean, to remove anomalies due to high near-bottom values.