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CD4 lymphocyte percentages.

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posted on 10.08.2011 by Neil Berry, Claire Ham, Edward T. Mee, Nicola J. Rose, Giada Mattiuzzo, Adrian Jenkins, Mark Page, William Elsley, Mark Robinson, Deborah Smith, Deborah Ferguson, Greg Towers, Neil Almond, Richard Stebbings

CD4 lymphocyte percentages are shown for 20 week SIVmacC8 vaccinates (Group A; panel A) or 3 weeks (Group B; panel B), following SIVsmE660 challenge and unvaccinated challenge controls (Group C; panel C). Timings of all bleeds were taken from initial time of SIVsmE660 challenge (day 0). Group mean values with SE of the mean values are shown in panel D.