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CD25 directed antibody depletes Tregs and increases myelin autoreactivity in adoptive transfer neuritis.

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posted on 2014-10-06, 03:35 authored by Gerd Meyer zu Hörste, Steffen Cordes, Anne K. Mausberg, Alla L. Zozulya, Carsten Wessig, Tim Sparwasser, Christian Mathys, Heinz Wiendl, Hans-Peter Hartung, Bernd C. Kieseier

(A) Lymphocytes from ICAM-1-/- NOD mice were adoptively transferred into immunodeficient NOD-SCID mice. Recipients received intraperitoneal injections of isotype control (left panel) or CD25 antibody (middle panel) and the proportion of FoxP3+ spleen cells was assessed by flow cytometry. On day 50 after transfer – 40 days after early depletion – the percentage of FoxP3+ cells in early depleted animals showed a non-significant trend towards reduction (right panel). (B) On day 70 after transfer – 30 days after late depletion – the percentage of FoxP3+ cells was analyzed by flow cytometry and significantly reduced in late depleted animals. Box plots depict mean ± SEM in all panels. ns non significant, iso isotype control, ** p<0.01.