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CD137 protein induces monocytic differentiation in early myeloid progenitor cells.

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posted on 2013-02-20, 21:55 authored by Dongsheng Jiang, Herbert Schwarz

(A) Lin, c-kit+ cells (boxed area of left panel) were sorted for CD34+, CD16/32high (GMP) and CD34+, CD16/32low (CMP) cells (right panel). (B) 5×104 CMP or GMP at a density of 2.5×105 cells/ml were cultured for 7 days on plates that had been coated with 10 µg/ml of Fc or CD137-Fc protein or that were not coated (PBS, medium control). Photographs were taken on day 7 at magnification of ×200. Scale bar = 50 µm. Please note that the small round particles are cell debris as evidenced by their small size and the holes in the membranes. (C) The percentages of CD11b+, Ly6G and CD11b+, Ly6G+ cells of (B) were determined by flow cytometry.