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CAV1 changes the subcellular distribution and signaling of β-catenin in EMT.

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posted on 2014-09-02, 05:04 authored by Hongxiu Yu, Huali Shen, Yang Zhang, Fan Zhong, Yinkun Liu, Lunxiu Qin, Pengyuan Yang

A, CAV1 induce EMT in HCC cells. Whole cell lysates from the control, CAV1-expressing, and sh-CAV1 HCC cells were separated and probed with antibodies for epithelial and mesenchymal markers as indicated. B, CAV1 decreases E-cadherin mRNA level, increases Vimentin and Twist mRNA level. C, The β-catenin distribution in CAV1-expressing and sh-CAV1 HCC cells was determined. The purity of nuclear and cytoplasmic fractions was confirmed by immunoblotting. D, The control and CAV1-RNAi MHCC97-H cells were transiently transfected with TOP-tk to determine the transcriptional activity of β-catenin–mediated signaling. The activity levels are represented as fold activation compared with the control in triplicate wells. E, Immunohistochemistry staining of E-cadherin and Vimentin in the tumors from control and CAV1-overexpression HepG2 cells. F, mRNA level of MMP-7 was determined by Q-PCR. G, Protein levels of phospho-ERK 1/2, and total ERK1/2 were analyzed by western blot. Actin is a loading control.