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C57BL/6 mice do not display clinical signs of pancreatitis following 75 days' treatment with liraglutide, exendin-4, or sitagliptin.

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posted on 13.08.2014, 03:06 by Angeles Mondragon, Daniel Davidsson, Styliana Kyriakoudi, Annika Bertling, Rosa Gomes-Faria, Patrizia Cohen, Stephen Rothery, Pauline Chabosseau, Guy A. Rutter, Gabriela da Silva Xavier

Reg3b immunoreactivity was assessed in pancreatic sections from mice treated with saline (Ai), liraglutide (B), exendin-4 (Aii, C) and sitagliptin (D), and normalised to Reg3b area observed in pancreata from saline treated mice, as described in ‘Materials and Methods’. Plasma amylase (E) and lipase (F) levels were measured after 75 days treatment with saline, liraglutide, exendin-4 or sitagliptin. ND, normal chow diet; HFD, high fat diet. p≤0.05, *; p≤0.01, **, n = 3–7 mice.