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Bone marrow of ERK1/2 mice contains increased numbers of mature myeloid and lymphoid cells with retention of ERK2 expression in monocytes but not granulocytes.

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posted on 2015-10-07, 04:10 authored by Edward T. Richardson, Supriya Shukla, Nancy Nagy, W. Henry Boom, Rose C. Beck, Lan Zhou, Gary E. Landreth, Clifford V. Harding

(A) Bone marrow cells from LysM and ERK1/2 mice (six of each) were analyzed by ex vivo flow cytometry to assess lineage-committed cells. (B-I) Cell numbers were calculated from total bone marrow cell counts and the percentage of each population in the gate. (J) Neutrophils (CD11bhi Gr-1hi) and monocytes (CD11b+ Gr–1-) from LysM and ERK1/2 bone marrow were collected by FACS and analyzed by Western blotting for expression of ERK and β-actin. Data are expressed as means ± standard deviations. Results are representative of two independent experiments.