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Blood glucose concentrations of SCID mice during the 2 weeks post-graft of chicken pancreas.

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posted on 20.02.2013, 09:47 authored by Sophie Calderari, Cécile Chougnet, Maud Clemessy, Hervé Kempf, Pierre Corvol, Etienne Larger

Continious line, white square: control mice, n = 12. Continious line, black square: STZ mice, n = 7. Dotted line, white square: L1–10 treated control mice, n = 5. Dotted line, black square: L1–10 treated STZ mice, n = 5. Mice were used for grafting experiments between 3 to 5 days after STZ or citrate buffer injections. *** p<0.001 control and L1–10 treated control mice vs STZ and L1–10 treated STZ mice. $ p<0.05, $$$ p<0.001 control mice vs: L1–10 treated control mice.


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