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Biphasic kinetics of Mzf1 expression during in vitro differentiation.

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posted on 01.12.2014, 03:14 by Stefanie A. Doppler, Astrid Werner, Melanie Barz, Harald Lahm, Marcus-André Deutsch, Martina Dreßen, Matthias Schiemann, Bernhard Voss, Serge Gregoire, Rajarajan Kuppusamy, Sean M. Wu, Rüdiger Lange, Markus Krane

A. Experimental set-up for in vitro differentiation assays of three different murine ES cell lines for the evaluation of time-dependent Mzf1 expression levels. B.Mzf1 expression levels showed a biphasic course during in vitro differentiation of αMHC-Cre/ROSA26mT/mG -, Nkx2.5 CE eGFP - and V6.5 ES cells; *  =  p <0.05; **  =  p <0.01.