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Biomarker profiles of serial passages of PDGCX models.

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posted on 2015-07-28, 03:56 authored by Tianwei Zhang, Lin Zhang, Shuqiong Fan, Meizhuo Zhang, Haihua Fu, Yuanjie Liu, Xiaolu Yin, Hao Chen, Liang Xie, Jingchuan Zhang, Paul R. Gavine, Yi Gu, Xingzhi Ni, Xinying Su

Representative images of MET status (A), ERBB2 status (B) and FGFR2 gene amplification (C) on serial passages of PDGCX models by FISH or IHC are shown. All target gene probes for FISH are labeled in red and CEP control probes are in green, nuclei are counterstained in blue by DAPI.