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Biofilm formation is defective in newly created hwp1 null strains.

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posted on 08.11.2013, 03:19 by Janet F. Staab, Kausik Datta, Peter Rhee

C. albicans strains were induced to form biofilms on the surface of silicone squares for 60 hr in Spider medium at 37°C. Two independently created hwp1 null strains, SCH1211 and SCH2283, generated less biomass that were less adherent to the silicone squares. Reintroduction of a single HWP1 allele into SCH1211 restored wild type biofilm biomass levels (HR615). The dry weights of the hwp1 null mutants were statistically different relative to that produced by wild type SC5314 (asterisks, P<0.05; One-way ANOVA, multiple comparisons). The mean dry weight of HR615 was not statistically different relative to that produced by SC5314. The data represent means of 3-5 measurements from two independent experiments performed in triplicate.


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