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Binding of anti-CCR4 scFv fragments to avian DT40 cells transfected with human CCR4.

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posted on 31.07.2014, 03:24 by Urs B. Hagemann, Lavinia Gunnarsson, Solène Géraudie, Ulrike Scheffler, Remko A. Griep, Herald Reiersen, Alexander R. Duncan, Sergej M. Kiprijanov

The results of titration on DT40/CCR4 and non-transfected DT40 cells are shown for scFv 17G (a), 9E (b), 1O (c) and 11F (d). Binding of scFv fragments in the presence of increasing concentrations of CCR4 ligands CCL22 and CCL17 is shown in panels (e) and (f), respectively. As a control, a scFv fragment derived from hybridoma KM2160 was used. Cell binding was analyzed by flow cytometry; bound scFv fragments were detected with anti-cMyc antibody followed by anti-human-PE immunoconjugates. Median fluorescence intensity is plotted against the scFv concentration (µg/mL); the results of representative experiments from three repeats are shown.