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Binding assay of histones and heparin.

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posted on 09.05.2014, 02:44 authored by Yanlin Zhang, Zanmei Zhao, Li Guan, Lijun Mao, Shuqiang Li, Xiaoxu Guan, Ming Chen, Lixia Guo, Lihua Ding, Cuicui Cong, Tao Wen, Jinyuan Zhao

Whole blood was collected and centrifuged for plasma 12(0.1 mol/l, 2 µl g−1). The plasma collected from the injury group was incubated with heparin-agarose solution or agarose solution at 37°C for 30 minutes. After incubation the plasma was separated from the heparin-agarose or agarose by centrifugation and measured with an H4 ELISA kit. *p<0.05 vs. the control group, **p<0.01 vs. the control group; #p<0.05 vs. the injury group, ##p<0.01 vs. the injury group.