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Binding affinity of APP fragments to p75NTR.

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posted on 16.12.2013, 03:11 by Noriko Hasebe, Yuki Fujita, Masaki Ueno, Kazuhiro Yoshimura, Yuji Fujino, Toshihide Yamashita

(A, C, E) ELISA for the p75NTR-APP fragments interaction. sAPPα (A), sAPPβ (C), or C-sAPPα (E) was plated. After washing with PBS, p75NTR ECD-Fc or IgG-Fc as a control was added to the plate at the indicated concentrations. The mean OD value after adding p75NTR ECD-Fc to ELISA microwells coated with recombinant each APP peptides was higher than that of the controls. n = 3. (B, D, F) The sigmoid dose-response curve revealed the EC50 for each APP fragment-p75NTR interaction. The EC50 of sAPPα (B), sAPPβ (D), and C-sAPPα (F) to p75NTR were 90, 120, 150 nM, respectively.


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