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Bias in SPECT-CT examinations.

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posted on 2015-09-21, 02:50 authored by Oliver S. Grosser, Dennis Kupitz, Juri Ruf, Damian Czuczwara, Ingo G. Steffen, Christian Furth, Markus Thormann, David Loewenthal, Jens Ricke, Holger Amthauer

(A) Reconstructed HU values of CT scans reconstructed with FBP and ASIR, (B) calculated attenuation coefficients μ and (C) reconstructed SPECT counts (C) versus X-ray tube current for both SPECT phantoms (standard and extended) and for a fixed tube voltage of U = 120 kVp. The reconstructed SPECT counts (C) of the extended phantom for I = 120 mA are scaled to match with the mean values of the standard phantom for the identic X-ray tube current.