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Bayesian network represented as a directed acyclic graph.

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posted on 02.05.2012, 01:01 by Ben J. Kefford, Graeme L. Hickey, Avital Gasith, Elad Ben-David, Jason E. Dunlop, Carolyn G. Palmer, Kaylene Allan, Satish C. Choy, Christophe Piscart

Rectangular box nodes represent the 72-hr LC50 data for each group of species (in each box there will be at least one individual species measurements). Round nodes represent random variables: the subscript μ values denote the mean log10 72-hr LC50 for each group; σ2 is a measure of within-group interspecies variance; µhyper and τ2hyper are the mean and variance of the hyper-population of group means. Directed arrows represent conditional probability statements. Prior distributions are placed over σ2, µhyper and τ2hyper.