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Bayesian Skyline Plot (BSP). BSP based on 543 base pairs of mitochondrial DNA MT-CO2 region.

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posted on 2014-05-20, 03:16 authored by Nuha Elhassan, Eyoab Iyasu Gebremeskel, Mohamed Ali Elnour, Dan Isabirye, John Okello, Ayman Hussien, Dominic Kwiatksowski, Jibril Hirbo, Sara Tishkoff, Muntaser E. Ibrahim

The graph was constructed merging all populations as global population. The plot displays changes in world female effective population size (Nef) through time, a 25 year generation time, and a 9.2×10−7 sub/site/generation mutation rate. Present day is on the left on the x-axis. An increase in world female population observed at around 50, 000YBP and around 10, 000–20,000YBP (the periods are highlighted).