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Batch of SAXS curves with the highest aggregation numbers at pH 7.0.

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posted on 2012-11-15, 00:37 authored by Francesco Spinozzi, Paolo Mariani, Ivan Mičetić, Claudio Ferrero, Diego Pontoni, Mariano Beltramini

Each experimental condition is summarised on the right-hand side of the respective SAXS pattern. The entries in column “Experiment” identify each experimental run in Tables S1, S2, S3. The solid black lines are best fitting the experimental data (grey points) normalized to the nominal concentration of the monomer and by the square of its excess scattering length. Notice that the values on the -axis at indicate aggregation numbers. Guinier approximations in the adequate -range are shown as thick blue lines, their extrapolations up to are shown as thick red lines. Histograms on the right-hand side report the protein mass fractions distributed in each aggregation state, as a results of the QUAFIT analysis. Uncertainties on values affect the last decimal place. A zero value is assigned for .