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BSP silencing inhibits cell migration and invasion in vitro.

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posted on 07.05.2013, 02:25 by Jie Wang, Li Wang, Bing Xia, Chuanhong Yang, Huangwen Lai, Xiaodong Chen

(A) Wound healing assay for migration shows that non-BSP-silenced 231BO cells have almost completely invaded the wound whereas the BSP-silenced counterparts have only migrated poorly. (B) Transwell assay shows that BSP silencing reduces the invasion of 231BO cells through the matrigel barrier. (C) Wound healing rates of different cell clones. (D) OD570 values of the cells that have migrated through the transwell after 24 h show that the invasion abilities of the 231BO-BSP27 cells and the 231BO-BSP81 cells are decreased significantly compared with the 231BO-Scrambled cells. *p<0.05 vs 231BO; **p<0.001 vs 231BO.