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Axial abnormalities in MEF2D-knockdown embryos.

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posted on 19.07.2013, 01:37 by Alina Kolpakova, Sandra Katz, Aviad Keren, Adi Rojtblat, Eyal Bengal

(A) Upper panel: Western blot analysis of MEF2D protein extracted from control embryos and MEF2D AMO-injected embryos at different stages from fertilization to late gastrula stages. Lower panel: Embryos were injected with different concentrations of MEF2D-Flag mRNA, without or with AMO to MEF2D. MEF2D-Flag protein was detected by Western blot analysis using anti Flag antibodies (M2, Sigma). (B) Control uninjected embryos, MEF2D AMO-injected embryos and mismatch-AMO injected embryos. Left panel: Stage 12 embryos; MEF2D AMO delays blastopore closure. Right panel; Western blot of endogenous MEF2D from uninjected, MEF2D AMO and mismatch AMO-injected embryos. (C) Stage 26 embryos that were injected with different amounts of MEF2D AMO and mismatch AMO. (D) Transverse sections in the trunk region of stage 26 control uninjected embryo (left panel) and MEF2D AMO-injected embryo (right panel). The scheme at the right shows the position where sections were performed. Abbreviations: Sm-Somite; Nt-Notochord; S.c-Spinal cord.