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Aspects of the Foxn1−/− phenotype in epithelial isolates and in vitro.

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posted on 2013-05-16, 01:06 authored by Stefan Bohr, Suraj J. Patel, Radovan Vasko, Keyue Shen, Guofeng Huang, Martin L. Yarmush, Francois Berthiaume

(A) Newborn epithelial isolates on day one post birth (NBD1) of Foxn1−/− background show strong upregulation of Lhx2 which is not maintained following three days of in vitro culture along with other marker genes of progeny (ND = non-detectable). (B) However, CD200 levels remain higher in cultured Foxn1−/− isolates compared to WT (qPCR/ΔΔCt-method: n = 4; *P<0.05, ↓P<0.05). (C) Flow cytometry on day 5 of in vitro cultures reveals a shift from a dominant CD49f++ subpopulation in vivo in favor of a CD34+/CD49f+ positive epithelial subpopulation in vivo which is more pronounced in Nu/Nu isolates vs. WT.