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Areas of endemism detected by PAE (left map) based on the distribution of the lizard genus Tropidurus employing the biogeographic provinces of South America [58]–[59] as operational geographic units.

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posted on 20.03.2013, 13:13 authored by André Luiz Gomes de Carvalho, Marcelo Ribeiro de Britto, Daniel Silva Fernandes

The area of endemism located in eastern Bolivia (enlarged, right map) corresponds to that circumscribed by Quadrat 24 in Figure 3, comprising the Noel Kempf Mercado National Park (including the Serranía de Huanchaca) and El Refugio Biological Station, in the Department of Santa Cruz, and was supported by the occurrence of the same endemic species, T. callathelys (yellow star), T. chromatops (red triangles), and T. xanthochilus (black cross). The area of endemism detected in northeastern Brazil (enlarged, center map) is located within the Caatinga province and was supported by the endemics T. cocorobensis (green dots), T. erythrocephalus (yellow dots), T. helenae (red dots), T. jaguaribanus (pink dots), T. mucujensis (orange dot), T. pinima (purple dots), and T. psammonastes (white dots). Altitudinal legend corresponds to center and right enlarged maps.