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Application of 100 µM NMDA or co application of NMDA and dopamine, 10 µM each induces reduction in the synaptosomal GluR1 content.

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posted on 21.02.2013, 13:00 by Hanoch Kaphzan, Kenneth J. O'Riordan, Kile P. Mangan, Jonathan M. Levenson, Kobi Rosenblum

A. Western blot analysis of synaptosomal GluR1 and β-actin content, induced by 10 min application of either NMDA 100 µM with 10 µM glycine (n = 4), or co-application of 10 µM dopamine, 1 mM ascorbic acid, 10 µM NMDA and 10 µM glycine (n = 4), or control (n = 4). Synaptosomal fraction was performed as mentioned previously in the methods. Relative quantification of synaptosomal GluR1 content was measured in relation to β-actin within the same blot. B. Synaptosomal fraction validation. Western blot comparison of synaptosomal enriched fraction, non-synaptosomal fraction and total homogenate with PSD-95, as a synaptosomal marker, and β-actin within the same blot.