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Apoptosis of A549 cells and MCF-7 cells induced by radiation and nimotuzumab.

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posted on 2013-08-16, 01:33 authored by Yuan-yuan Qu, Song-liu Hu, Xiang-ying Xu, Rui-zhi Wang, Hong-yang Yu, Jian-yu Xu, Lin Chen, Guang-lu Dong

Cells were pretreated with and without 700 nM nimotuzumab for 24 h, and then irradiated with 0, 2 or 8 Gy. Fourty-eight hours after radiation, cells were harvested and cell apoptosis was examined by flow cytometry. One representative of three independent experiments of the two cells is shown (A, C). Comparisons of apoptosis rates of A549 cells and MCF-7 between the niomtuzumab pretreated and control groups are shown (B, D). Each bar represents the mean ± SD of apoptosis rate. * indicates significant difference (P<0.05).