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Antigen-specific immunoglobulin secretion cells analysis in the presence of anti-TSLP, anti-IL-6 and control IgG.

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posted on 06.02.2013 by Chiou-Yueh Yeh, Te-Huei Yeh, Chiau-Jing Jung, Pei-Lin Chen, Huei-Ting Lien, Jean-San Chia

Human PBLs were grown in the presence of conditioned medium from BLPs stimulated hNECs with or without neutralized antibodies. Antigen-specific IgA (A) or IgG (B) secreting cells were examined by ELISpot. Significant differences compared with medium-stimulated cells using t-tests are denoted by asterisks (*p<0.05 and **p<0.01).