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Anti-HPV16 E2 peptide proliferative responses in women.

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posted on 20.02.2013, 05:26 by Simon Jacobelli, Fedoua Sanaa, Micheline Moyal-Barracco, Monique Pelisse, Sophie Berville, Pascale Villefroy, Marie Odile North, Suzanne Figueiredo, Bénédicte Charmeteau, Thierry Clerici, Françoise Plantier, Françoise Arnold, Antoine Touzé, Nicolas Dupin, Marie-Françoise Avril, Jean-Gérard Guillet, Rémi Cheynier, Isabelle Bourgault-Villada

T-cell proliferation induced by E2 peptide pools were studied with PBMCs from A: women presenting with usual VIN either during the whole study (F#1 and F#7) or at study entry and up to the healing after treatment (F#3, F#6, F#8 before M6, F#5 before M12) and B: asymptomatic women having cleared their usual VIN after treatment (F#2, F#4 before their entry in the study, F#3, F#6, F#8 from M6, F#5 from M12). SI is represented by the cpm in peptide-stimulated cells/cpm in negative control wells (without peptide). Each bar represents SI against a pool of E2 peptide or positive control (+) obtained from PBMCs sampled at M0 (blue), M6 (red), M12 (yellow) and M18 (turquoise blue). Proliferative responses with SI >3 were scored as positive, provided that cpm in the negative control was above 500. The values of positive SI for E2 pools are indicated in black near the corresponding bar. Responses to 15 mer peptides comprised in the various peptide pools are shown, superposed to the response to the pool, in another color. The SI values for these peptides are indicated using the same colors near the corresponding bars.